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Hot rolling Tips - Basic overview of hot rolled coil

Hot continuous rolling products have high strength, good toughness, easy processing and good weldability, and are widely used in ships, automobiles, Bridges, construction, machinery, pressure vessels and other manufacturing industries. Structural steel is one of the most important uses of hot rolled coil, products are widely used in building structures, Bridges, ships, railway vehicles, large machinery and other structural parts. Our more common patterned steel strip is a steel strip or steel plate with a raised pattern on the surface, which has anti-slip and wear-resistant functions, and is widely used in construction, shipping, transportation and machinery manufacturing industries.

In automotive steel, including cold-rolled plate and hot-rolled plate, the amount of various steel plates accounted for more than 50% of automotive steel, of which hot-rolled plate coil is mainly used for trucks and buses, products are mainly used in automobile girder, beam, wheel, drive shaft tube, axle housing and so on. In addition, the thickness of ≤3.0mm hot rolled thin coil is mainly used for deep processing industry: (1) cold rolled coil substrate: the use of hot rolled coil after cold rolling processing mainly includes cold rolled commodity coil and coating plate, color coated plate, electrical steel and other deep processing products. (2) Hot rolled galvanized sheet: due to the elimination of cold rolling process, compared with hot galvanized sheet has obvious cost advantages, has a strong market competitiveness, can partially replace the thick specifications of hot galvanized sheet demand. (3) Hot rolling pickling coil: the demand is mainly concentrated in the automobile industry, compressor industry, machinery manufacturing industry, spare parts processing industry, fan industry, motorcycle industry, steel furniture, hardware accessories, electric cabinet shelves and stamping parts of various shapes.